Monday, 30 September 2019

Download Google Recorder App of Google Pixel 4

Download now Google Recorder App
Google Recorder App

Google Pixel 4- Google Recorder app NOW download

Among all the leaks of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL leaks, the most significant one is the new “Recorder” app. It was visible in one of the numerous hands-on videos that the Recorder app was in the app drawer which was out this month. It likewise revealed in an earlier leak as well. 
Now the app is accessible to download before the Pixel 4 launch.

New Features of Google Recorder AppNew Features of Google Recorder App

How does Pixel 4 Recorder app work?

The Pixel 4 Recorder app is quite easy to manage. 
It's just that when one starts it, there is a red button at the bottom to start recording. And when one is recording, it displays audio levels on the screen accompanying with the Pause button which can be used to pause the recording or hit the checkmark button to keep it. 
The recording is labeled with the moment they were taken, but surely one can rename.

What all-new features are there?

In the settings, there is an alternative to apply Light, Dark, or System default for the theme. This is quite a manageable, barebones app that should appear pre-installed on the Pixel 4 series. 
Not much to be excited, it’s just a little stuff similar to this that enhance the user experience. It just that Pixel purchasers won’t have to search all through the Play Store to just see a simple recorder app.

Now try out the Google Recorder app by downloading it from the link given below. The app should run on devices operating on Android 10 but there is no guarantee that it will work. 

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