Monday, 16 September 2019

Google Introduce KORMO App for entry-level job searches in India for Indians

Kormo - Build a CV, find jobs & grow your career

Google Introduce KORMO App for entry-level job searches in India for Indians 

Entry-level job searches to India in an app-Kormo app initiative taken by Google

Google is launching its official app- KORMO APP in India on Friday. The initiative was taken to apprehend the job market picture in the country.

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While talking with the project leader of Google‘s Next Billion Users initiative Bickey Russell said: “Since we launched Kormo in Bangladesh in 2018 and in Indonesia this year, we’ve connected over 50,000 job seekers to jobs from hundreds of employers who use Kormo for their hiring needs, specifically entry-level jobs also 
Because finding employment is a real need across different markets, we’re looking to bring the same service to countries like India,”

The Android-only app was developed by Google‘s Area 120 the company’s playground for experimental projects and was first inaugurated in Bangladesh last September and has since then has extended to Indonesia earlier this March.

What is the App about?

Korma, implies “work” in Bengali and this creates it simple to correlate the employees and the job seekers by allowing them to make instant create digital CVs and obtain free education content in the form of videos, articles, and courses to enhance skillsets customized to their individual interests.

The objective of expanding?

According to data assembled by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy India’s unemployment percentage persists at 7.7 percent.
The main intention of google for extending it to India is to hit into a broad swaddle of mobile users who are comfortable and familiar with the working on smartphones to search and apply for the jobs.

This time Google has launched another app known as Kormo which is not the just a jobs-related tool the company has at its disposal. However, the application has also asked antitrust analysis in the EU for supposedly practicing its dominance to draw users to its search offering at no extra cost.
There is further Hire it is an applicant tracking system for HR departments to maintain track of and communicate with the applicants.

Google has previously launched Google‘s jobs search, which surfaces appropriate job listings instantly in search outcomes. 
Last month Google said it plans to close it down in a year from now to concentrate on different outputs in the Google Cloud portfolio.

In the market where there is competition from local players like Quikr’s BabaJob and OLX’s Aasaanjobs both of which have gained public interest in finding out the blue-collar jobs, Kormo is expected to face match.

Kormo - Build a CV, find jobs & grow your career

 Google Kormo app

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