Sunday, 29 September 2019

GOOGLE PIXEL 4 Stock Live Wallpapers Now Available For Download


Google Pixel 4 LIVE WALLPAPERS for any Android devices Download

A website named as Nextrift seized their knacks on a testing variant of the Pixel 4 XL. 
The distinguished regarding this exposure is that they happened to likely share several more records from the device than simply the latest Google Camera app. The section that everyone is looking forward to is the latest Pixel 4 live wallpapers.

Almost everyone acknowledges Pranav Pandey who is an XDA Recognized Developer, installed the software of the live wallpapers from the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 and as early as the latest Pixel Live Wallpapers drooled from the Pixel 4 XL, he commenced to study into Dorking the features for us to enjoy that. While the initial APK points Android 10, the developer states his revised version should operate on every 64-bit Android device operating Android 7.0 Nougat or following. 

Highlights of The LIVE wallpapers 

-The “Doodle” wallpaper has also appeared in the leaks of Pixel 4.
-Its classification is one can romp throughout with the articles on the screen similar to one can with the latest Android 10 Easter egg. 
-The “Compass” live wallpaper requires to select a location probably on a Map, which then happens in the compass showing towards that location. 
-Also, the “Living Universe” collection of live wallpapers has proposed to increase the display of innovative areas in Saudia Arabia, Australia, and Switzerland.

What are the new features of these wallpapers?

-They continue the system-wide dark mode toggle in Android 10.
-To get the Pixel 4 live wallpaper port working on older Android versions.
-That indicates the live wallpapers in the altered APK won’t respond to variations in the custom theme. This has happened because of the modification done by Pandey although he is trying to make a unique different version including this performance sound for approved Android versions.
-Moreover, the sole highlights for some of the wallpapers are like introducing the planet for “Sights from the sun” or the appearance color for “Doodle,” needed alliance with the Pixel Themes app and therefore haven’t been completely ported. 
-The live wallpapers that remained unlocked may not display the complete collection of live wallpapers on local sections.

Interested users can try out the new live wallpapers by Google Pixel 4 from the link given below:-

Download GOOGLE Pixel 4 Live Wallpapers (Android 7.0+)

Download GOOGLE Pixel 4 Live Wallpapers (Android 7.0+)

Download GOOGLE Pixel 4 Live Wallpapers + Theme Magisk Modules (Android 10)

Pixel 4 Live wallpapers Download

Download GOOGLE Pixel 4 And 3 Live Wallpapers + Theme Magisk Modules (Android 10)

Pixel 4 Live wallpapers Download

The primary, unmodified Pixel Live Wallpaper APK is accessible on APKMirror, but it is not working on Pixel or non-Pixel devices.

One can get the before mentioned and the Pixel Themes app and the live wallpapers customization if the user has a rooted device operating only tested on Pixel Android 10.

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