Tuesday, 3 September 2019

How to Get a Dark Mode theme for Huawei and Honor devices on EMUI 9.1

Dark Emui 9.1

How to enable a dark Android Pie theme for Huawei and Honor devices on EMUI 9.1

Huawei is the world's 2nd largest smartphone company. And EMUI UI is used in their phones. As we Honor is sub-brand of Huawei and in the mid-range category, lots of people love the phone of Huawei and honor because of the brand value and specification that they offer to users. In my personal opinion, I love the EMUI UI because of the lots of features but in EMUI UI you didn't get any dark mode option even in android pie update. So I have a trick to enable or get it on any honor and huawei devices running on EMUI 9.1 and this tricks on both AMOLED and ips display as well. So what you have to:-

Dark Emui 9.1 Theme for Huawei

Go to play store and install the app Dark Emui 9.1 theme for Huawei 

Features of this Application:-

Dark Emui 9.1 theme for Huawei and Honor Users having Emui 5/8/9/9.1

If you are using a default theme of your phone, use this application free for Huawei theme and enjoy the dark theme 

Compatible with Emui:-
  • Emui 5.0 
  • Emui 5.1
  • Emui 8.0
  • Emui 9.0
  • Emui 9.1
Customization in this theme:-
  • Dark Emui 9.1 wallpapers
  • Dark Emui 9.1 lock screen wallpapers
  • Dark Emui 9.1 calculator
  • Dark Emui 9.1 contacts
  • Dark Emui 9.1 calendar
  • Dark Emui 9.1 email
  • Dark Emui 9.1 gallery
  • Dark Emui 9.1 clock
  • Dark Emui 9.1 media player
  • Dark Emui 9.1 phone manager
  • Dark Emui 9.1 system manager
  • Dark Emui 9.1 theme manager
  • Dark Emui 9.1 files
  • Dark Emui 9.1 dual sim card
  • Dark Emui 9.1 settings 
  • Dark Emui 9.1 messaging
  • etc
This Dark Theme for Huawei and Honor with dark customization, this application developers offers a very delicate interface in this theme to give your phone a new look and awesome and perfect user interface.

This dark Emui 9.1 theme works on many Huawei and Honor phones such as:-
  • Huawei mate 8
  • Huawei mate 10 lite
  • Huawei p10
  • Huawei mate 20
  • Honor 20
  • Honor 10 lite
  • and many more.

How to Get a Dark Mode Theme for Huawei and Honor Devices on EMUI9.1