Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Huawei Developing Their Own Map Application Like Google Maps with Yandex and

Huawei Map App
Huawei Map App

New Google Maps by Huawei, Yandex and are now on board!!

Huawei is also known as the Chinese titan is promoting its mapping assistance named as Map Kit. 

What's the catch?

The assistance is not specifically proposed to consumers. Rather, the purpose is to provide developers with tools to create unique applications based on its mapping abilities.

What assistance is there?

  • The service, which insistence be accessible in 150 countries and districts, will be correlated to local mapping services and will further assist 40 distinct languages.
  •  Real-time traffic situations, advanced navigation abilities, and augmented actuality mapping.

What is up with Yandex and

Huawei has previously arranged with Yandex usually mentioned to as the Russian Google and parent Booking Holdings on board for Map Kit.
The announcement occurs just days after Huawei verified reports that it’s developing its operating system for mobile devices, laptops, wearables, and televisions, entitled Harmony OS.

What happened back in May?

Google forbade Huawei from utilising its Android OS following the Chinese manufacturer finished up on the US existence list. After then, Huawei has been seeing into options to reduce its dependence on Google and its assistance and therefore HarmonyOS and Map Kit can be observed as an immediate acknowledgment to these conditions.

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