Thursday, 26 September 2019

How to Get INSTAGRAM Dark Mode Amoled Theme on Android

AMOLED Dark theme on Android by Instagram

Instagram Dark Mode
Download Instagram Dark Mode Apk

Dark themes are trending these days from Google to Apple, every social media platform in these two are embracing dark modes. In Google Android 10 and Apple iOS 13. 

Before all the third-party apps google had launched its dark mode and now Instagram previously did not have a dark mode feature but now with the most advanced alpha update of the Instagram app on Android has added a dark theme. Considerably, it’s an AMOLED dark theme so therefore the background colors are black.


  • This dark mode isn’t dark in all sections, but it does theme the preponderance of the UI components in Instagram. 
  • The black background color doesn’t conserve battery life over the dark greys found in many Google apps but it surely makes it an enjoyable experience for the users to scroll down at night or day.
  • There’s a delightful contradiction between the black and grey elements, creating content more accessible to view without modifying the original content. 
Dark Mode In Instagram
Dark Mode In Instagram


  • Firstly update to the newest version of Instagram (as given below)
  • Then permit the device built-in dark mode because it currently supports the system-wide toggle. 
  • That implies that it will run in any Android phone on Android 10 or  MIUI 10 and if one doesn't handle any of these then unhappily one has to wait for Facebook to unite a toggle in the settings of the Instagram.

Users who are a member of the beta testing program for Instagram and utilising the version, should view the app automatically change to the dark mode if the theme is implemented system-wide.


We all are very excited to use the dark-themed app of Instagram.

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