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PUBG PC NEW UPDATE 4.3 - Season 4 continues with DBS shotgun, Survival Mastery, etc

Season 4 of PUBG comes up with PC Update 4.3 and is Now Available on the Test Server


Update 4.3 comes up with the various new progression system like DBS shotgun or Survival Mastery to enhance the non-lethal performance abilities and further.

Update 4.3 delivers innovative techniques to present who one is. Season 4 introduces a unique progression system to enhance non-lethal play skills and Survival Mastery. In which the Shotgun family received fascinating extraordinary recognition.

Latest Features:

Survival Mastery


What is PUBG PC 4.3 UPDATE?

In survival Mastery system, players may improve their less-than-lethal features of PUBG gameplay. This guide system to Weapon Mastery, which enables players to improve their ability in gunplay and also propose unique means for players to display their personalities on the Battlegrounds with unique prizes and PUBG ID.

what new in it?
  • Survival Mastery is a unique succession policy where players improve levels by increasing the XP which is based on the players’ continuation models.
  • The system performs all the circumstances without being changed by periods. The Level top for Survival Mastery is 500.
  • Players can gain XP in the subsequent circumstances:
    • Looting
    • Utilizing items during combat or combat
    • Awakening a teammate

Match review timeline

  • The match summary review shows a recap of each survival activities conducted in a match.
  • Players can review survival actions they have completed in their preceding matches in timeline order from Mastery to Last Match Tab.

Simultaneously with another XP earning activities, the activities following will be displayed in the timeline
  • Landing point
  • The location where players complete some actions
  • Breakage sold and accepted
  • The area a player progresses utilizing vehicles
  • Surviving Blue Zone points
  • Survival technique traces the contemporary playstyle by examining data of all the players performing PUBG. It covers the subsequent knowledge about the player:
    • Average engagement range
    • Average engagement area
    • Particulars looted per game
    • Area progressed per game
    • Hot drop rate
    • Damage is taken per game
  • The last is that the 3 most notable traits of the preceding will be presented.

PUBG ID for Survival Mastery

  • An innovative scheme where players can display themselves while showing their rise and Survival Mastery prizes.
  • PUBG ID introduces Survival Mastery Level, Player ID, Emblem, Background, and Poses in which review or complete recap is accessible.
  • From Mastery > Survival tab the players can see and modify.
  • In the subsequent case, players are ready to see other player’s PUBG ID 
    • A teammate from the earlier match
    • A player that killed and the player who is being killed.
  • For all 10 levels, players are prized with an emblem.
  • On PUBG ID players can represent themselves with different emblems.
  • For all 10 levels, players are rewarded with a background
  • On PUBG ID players can represent themselves with different backgrounds.
  • For all 100 levels, players are given a pose as a reward.
  • The Poses are the most powerful award in the system and players can adjust their pose handling the Survivor tab and PUBG ID.
  • Player poses use the player’s provided clothes

BP Rewards
  • Without other rewards, BP will award levels 

New Weapon introduced are:



  • The DBS is a double-barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun that can solely be originally collected from Care Packages.
  • DBS has two internal journal packages that enable the user to store up to fourteen 12-gauge rounds.
  • DBS can generate extensive explosions of destruction in a short time.
  • Overhead track of the gun provides a Holographic, Red Dot Sight, and 2x to 6x Scopes.
  • Highest effective range to shop destruction with the DBS is 100 m.

PUBG PC Gameplay


  • Bettered shotgun compatibility
  • In mediocre shotgun, reach hit chance has progressed.
  • Multiplication in Damage drop-off over the way
  • Lowest per bullet wounds inside the striking area of all shotgun have extended to 4, Excluding for the Sawed-Off, which has 3.
  • All shotguns shot 9 bullets total per course
  • Modified shotgun balance
  • Each shotgun bullets now work more in practical ballistic circuits 
  • Every shotgun had their recoil impacts modernized
  • Destruction multiplier transformations
  • From 1.5 to 1.2- Headshot 
  • From 1.0 to 0.9- Torso
  • S686 Features
    • The Highest effective area estimated to 80 m
    • Extended reload activity by 20%
  • S1897 features 
  • Maximum effective range set to 80 m
      • Pump movement speed multiplied by 20%
      • Pump movement will no more be running briefly un-ADS the player
  • Sawed-Off features
      • Highest practical area estimated to 80 m
      • Highest improved possibility area estimated to 50 m
      • Expanded quantity of bullets shot to 9
      • Reduced loss per bullet from 22 to 20
  • Duckbill addition features:
    • Bullet range multiplier developed from 0.8 to 1.
    • Modernized weapon impression results
    • Better assumption the direction noises are appearing from enabling players to know Both decals and particle effects are now more directional.
    • Area and features of the result depend on both the exterior being beaten and the level of the evidence being shot.
  • QoL improvement for developing elements while walking

New Sound Effect in PUBG PC New Update:


  • Reduce the volume of the Red Zone
  • Footstep echoes sound and attenuation have been adjusted over.
  • Footstep sounds will be further prominently reduced when members move to the external border of the footstep echoing range.
  • Many sound effects are manifested when landing from falling, practised on the surface element class.
  • Made revisions to the ledge-grab sound results.

Pass for Aftermath-Survivor:


  • on October 16th KST the present season of both the Survivor Pass and Survivor Title System will complete. 
  • Commencing on October 2nd Survivor Pass, two weeks ere the endpoint of Aftermath, there will be a piece of on-screen information, pop-up and hold on the Survivor Pass flag in the entryway to inform players of the track of end timing.
  • A piece of pop-up information will be presented to users buying Premium Pass and Level-up items, informing them of the course left until pass point.
  • Till the Pass, the session concludes premium Pass and Level-up pieces can be bought.



  • Combined background blur results to get the duo/squad unit UI to have more dependable readability.
  • Enhanced clarity of the shooting method sign on the HUD to additional change firing techniques.
  • Reduced light of equipment figures.
  • Supplemented headphone symbol to the UI right of the well-being/health HUD to show when the Instant Volume Reducer (F7) is permitted.
  • A piece of custom information at the base of the screen has also been computed when activating/deactivating this function.



  • Secondary performance optimizations that will increase FPS in domains where multiple players are near one another.
  • Created optical enhancements to darknesses and developed rendering production.
  • A disposed of experimental variation on the test server modifying an effect which produces loot to arrive late, essentially the following landing from the parachute

Custom Match:


Upgraded Zombie ModeCustom match Zombie modes are preparing the following enhancements:

  • Zombies soon have more powerful physical abilities
  • Zombies soon can run quicker, bounce higher, and hit much quicker
  • Improved the running rate by 1.5 times
  • Enhanced the jumping height by 2 times
  • Enhanced rate of attacks by 1.5 times
  • Zombies soon have much higher strength and more effective healing power
  • Improved power by the present by 2 times
  • Improve well-being automatically when not involved in combat
  • No hail injury when dropping from large locations
  • Experience less wilderness from guns, besides for headshots
  • Zombies soon can run transports
  • Zombies can soon run around handling vehicles alternately of just running on foot
  • Furthermore, revealing a virus infection innovation, which is one of the focus components of PUBG Zombie (PUBZ) content. 

PUBG Partner Icon

  • In Custom Matches, an image will be presented in front of PUBG Partner’s nicknames. This image will only be displayed in the competition information segment and waiting for a place.

Skins & Items

Update 4.3 is announced that there will be the following new items in the store:
  • commodities Halloween themed 
    • Trading Period is from 9/25 to 11/13
  • 12 new Twitch Broadcast Royale items
    • Trading Period is from 9/25 to 10/15
  • 3 Pan skins and 1 sets celebrating the PUBG Classic
    • Trading Period is from 10/2 to 10/23
  • Further BP purchasable objects
    • Beryl & S12K BattleStat skins
    • 2 Maddy shoes
  • New BattleStat skin
    • SCAR-L BattleStat skin

Replay System

  • The replay system has been renewed.

Fault Fixes

  • Adjusted a problem where character footprints cannot be detected when leading backwards toward the edges of objects.
  • Adjusted a problem where the smoke UI timer doesn’t sync precisely when the replay is jumped in replay form.
  • Adjusted a problem where the Flare Gun firing animation is covered when in the prone situation.
  • Adjusted a problem where grenade accident in few circumstances could be obtained through objects.
  • Adjusted a problem where a wrong kill measure is displayed when an unplugged player is killed.
  • Adjusted a problem where UAZ wheels wouldn’t get stained after being hit numerous times.
  • Adjusted a problem where the scalp symbols are mistakenly presented on the minimap in the Simplified Chinese language version.
  • Adjusted a problem which created an extremely brilliant light outcome in the rear mirror of motorcycles.
  • Adjusted a problem where players could not be harmed by other players hitting them inside transports.
  • Adjusted a problem where parachutes were not presented in practice mode with a completely decorated bag.
  • Adjusted a problem where players are effectively eliminated from practice mode when clearing over a particular wall.
  • Adjusted a problem where zombie players infrequently seem to be human in zombie mode.
  • Adjusted a problem where the lung volume icon does not represent accurately when operating breath while swimming
  • Adjusted a problem which restricted footstep sounds from playing in particular circumstances when operating through some plashes/puddles.

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