Saturday, 28 September 2019

Top 29 Malicious Apps Removed By Google Play Store

29 Ill-disposed Apps With Above 10 Million Collective Downloads removed by Google Play!!

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

We all are familiar which google play. Its the commonly used app for install any app in our phones. But lately, on Thursday, it was discovered by a current article by Quick Heal Security Labs which stated that twenty-nine malicious apps have been found on Google Play Store with a cumulative download number of more further than 10 million. 
Shortly after which these apps were eliminated by Google.


According to Quick Heal Security Labs, the idea of the apps is to not allow users to uninstall it by simply moving the application to the uninstall icon.


A malicious app under the name 'multi-app multiple accounts simultaneously' has crisscrossed 5 million installs and the out of the other 29 apps, 24 are of 'HiddAd' class that covers the icon following the initial launch and then builds an alternative on the home screen of the phone and then the outstanding 5 apps are of 'Adware' section and would frequently get within the Android phones through commercials which we all see through many advertisements each time we hit social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc, which support various mobile applications
Those 29 apps were:-
1. Art Editor
2. Cartoon Art Photo 
3. Awesome Cartoon Art 
4. Artistic effect Filter 
5. Pro Camera Beauty 
6. Beauty Camera 
7. Art Filter 
8. Horizon Beauty Camera 
9. Super Camera  
10. Art Effects for Photo 
11. Emoji Camera 
12. Art Filter Photo 
13. Magic Art Filter Photo Editor
14. Cartoon Effect 
15. Art Effect 
16. Photo Editor 
17. Wallpapers HD  
18. Art Filter Photo Effects  
19. Art Effect 
20. ArtFlipPhotoEditing 
21. Selfie Camera Pro 
22. Cartoon Art Photo 
23. Pixture 
24. Cartoon Art Photo Filter 
25. Art Filter Photo Editor 
26. Prizma Photo Effect
27. Cartoon Photo Filter
28. Photo Art Effect 
29. Fill Art Photo Editor 

What did the beauty apps do?
The beauty apps were discovered stealing user's photo. The app rather than of uploading the user's photo to a selected platform chosen by the server, the app would upload it to a secret server and utilize the pictures for activities like pornography websites or creating fake social media handlers.
One of the reports said "During our analysis, we found a paid online pornography player that was downloaded when clicking the pop up",.

The company said in its statement that "Many a time, these promoted mobile applications boast about a lot of unbelievable functionalities like X-Ray scanning. We came across a few advertisements of some interesting Android apps which claim to offer the functionality of X-Ray scanning. When we explored the App further, we found out that two such apps have crossed 1 million+ downloads already,".

What's unique about ADWARE?

The 'Adware' apps pose to propose the functionality of intensifying the view, whereas, in actuality, those display a large commercial on the user's phone, ultimately reducing the battery of the phone and creating massive data usage and productivity decline.
To this, the company stated that "Right after the launch, these applications open the camera and show various options like flashlight, gallery, etc. But when the user chooses an option, these apps start full-screen ads, with no option to close or skip," 

This was a piece of shocking news for all the google play handlers who trusted google play apps blindly. We hope that these kinds of apps do not appear in Google play anymore as we have a certain level of trust which google wouldn't like to break.

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