Saturday, 21 September 2019

Now Everyone Use Google Assistant Through Toll-free number in India

Use Google Assistant bu tool free number

Use Google Assistant By Toll-Free Number For Feature Phones Users.

What is its new feature?

Google is executing its Assistant accessible to people in India through a phone call so that they don’t require a smartphone to obtain the service. 

On Thursday, the organization proclaimed that this feature is going to be enabled with its partner mobile carrier Vodafone-Idea at its Google for India annual event and as per reports the Vice President, Product Management at Google Manuel Bronstein, communicated that the back-end will be managed simultaneously by Google and Vodafone.
India Today Tech that for the Phone Line service. As it is Assistant on associated devices, it operates with various languages. Lucknow in Kanpur are the 2 cities where testing has been taking place. If one is a Vodafone-India user in India, then call at 000-800-9191-000 to converse with the Assistant in English or Hindi.

Google Assistant Toll Free Number

What does it do?

Google announced that one can review scores, receive travel updates, and discover markets or stores around them also contextual inquiries such as regional weather, but won’t receive responses to inquiries that are personalized to the account. The line is going to be toll-free. Also, Google announced it won’t assemble any data that can assist to recognize an individual.

AIM of google:-

This policy is intended to give Google Assitant service to people who live in remote sections of the nation.

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