Wednesday, 25 September 2019

WhatsApp's Cool New Features in 2019-Hide Muted Status, Facebook Story integration, Fingerprint unlock

WhatsApp  New Feature
WhatsApp  New Feature

Completely Hide Muted Status and other New Features updated by WhatsApp's 

Completely Hide Muted Status

Everyone knows the unwanted stories of our contacts in which we are least interested so we mute them but still when we scroll down in stories we see the muted stories at the end section of WhatsApp. This new feature of WhatsApp is here where we can hide the muted statuses.


The innovative feature is presently been operated for the WhatsApp beta validators on Android and would benefit us to hide the status. This feature was originally recognised by WABetaInfo, who says that “new Hide Muted Status Updates allows the user to hide the section that lists all muted status updates, that can be also collapsed”.

On the Play Store, the most advanced feature is accessible in the WhatsApp 2.19.260 version. The current beta users, can simply download this latest update and commence applying the feature.
And in circumstance, one can also download the WhatsApp Play Beta Program and the next one just has to register to use the latest feature. 


Follow the steps
-Back up the chat history
- uninstall the application
- reinstall WhatsApp to notice the most updated forms from the server. 

Nevertheless, despite reinstalling the app the latest feature are not available then it’ll be accessible the next time this may happen as WhatsApp frequently partly allow innovations for a chance association of users.

There are some more updates by WhatsApp:-

Facebook Story integration

Now WhatsApp users who post ‘Status’ can share them as facebook stories as well after the updates.
Quite under the WhatsApp Status, there is a choice to ‘Share to Facebook Story’ will show up and clicking on it will post it as a facebook story.

Fingerprint unlock

For Android and iOS users WhatsApp fingerprint unlock is now accessible. This feature permits the users to lock the app with their fingerprint or Face ID on iPhones also WhatsApp it allows users to protect messages or videos from notifications when fingerprint unlock is permitted.

Frequently forwarded

WhatsApp’s usually forwarded tool intends to control the scope of spam announcements on the app. This label will notify the users of messages that have been sent more than five times. 

Continuous voice messages

WhatsApp latterly renewed voice messages with continuous play. Instantly, users need not turn on each voice message personally and therefore now if a user receives multiple voice messages, WhatsApp will present these files sequentially.

Group invitation

This feature permits users to pick ‘nobody’ if they don’t desire to be joined up to random WhatsApp groups. Those who pick ‘nobody’ will receive a group invitation request which terminates in three days. 

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