Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Download Google Pixel 4 launcher In Any Phone - With New Notification Gestures

Google Pixel 4 Launcher
Pixel 4 Launcher 

Now with a swipe-down notification gesture in Google Pixel 4 download the updated Pixel Launcher

On October 15th, the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL phone is placed to be proclaimed while Google’s hardware event. 
Features about the phone as we already know how it looks:-
-Snapdragon 855 processor
-A 90Hz display
-A dual-camera composition
-An advanced face unlocks system
-The new Astrophotography mode
Therefore there is nothing new that we need to know about the new Google Pixel 4.

About the launch:-

Along with Android 10, both the Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL will launch, found on the stock Android with Google’s appreciative twist and apps, presently similar to we have been noticing following the first Pixel was proclaimed. 
However, as perpetually, Google constantly retains some pieces for themselves. 
Presently, almost all the apps which were preinstalled on the Pixel 4 are found online furthermore are spontaneously accessible for the users to download and use it. 
One of those apps is a modernized variant of the Pixel Launcher.

About the new feature of Pixel 4 Launcher:-

-This version is significantly alike to the one currently observed version in the Pixel 3 and prior Pixel phones. 
-It seems, appears and performs the same. 
-Nevertheless, there is one fundamental exception, and it’s a new gesture. 
-Pixel Launcher presently maintains swiping down on any section of the screen to drag down the notification blind. 
-Third-party launchers such as Nova Launcher launched this feature a few years back.

You can try it on by downloading it from the link given below:-

This apk would work perfectly on any Pixel smartphone running Android 10 but amidst the stock Pixel Launcher already pre-installed. Also, this won't work on other Android 10 devices like the Primary Phone or OnePlus 7 Pro, because the launcher needs some alterations to run on the most utmost non-Pixel devices.

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