Thursday, 3 October 2019

WhatsApp's Cool New Features in 2019-DISAPPEARING MESSAGES

Whatsapp with a new feature of DISAPPEARING MESSAGES?

We all are well-known with Whatsapp and its new updates including its new features developing up these days from muting the story of a person and never seeing it again to where are we now were come to the disappearing feature as well. It's not far where WhatsApp will introduce the new features for un sending the message of removing the "deled message" from the chat.
Well, let's hope that it brings something innovative and in favor of us.

What is WhatsApp up to?

WhatsApp is reportedly operating a big feature of Disappearing Messages. The feature is still a ‘work-in-progress’, it may modify the style the users interact on the instantaneous messaging platform. 

Features of the New Disappearing Messages feature:-

1- The Disappearing Messages feature is however in initial stages.2-The Disappearing Messages highlight is detected in WhatsApp’s beta version The feature will initially appear on the Group Chats and following occur in individual chats.4- Initially, it the groups to the feature may not be for everyone. The feature is estimated to emerge on the Group Settings, which are available exclusively to the Group Admins.5- The users will have the choice to fix the expiration period.6- At present, it seems that users may get to pick between five seconds to/or 1 hour.7- Users will hold the choice of ‘all’ or ‘none’ to decide.8- This implies that once the feature is approved and launched, all messages will be withdrawn following a determined period in that chat. This implies that users may not be authorized to utilise the Disappearing Messages feature to personal messages.9- The feature will likely be detected on Android, however, it is quite possible that it may discover its approach to iOS as well.

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