Thursday, 21 November 2019

How To Sell Your Used And Old Products In India-Online

Where can we sell our Used electronics?

We all have old used electronics which we desire to trade to make some additional income but then we constantly have the dilemma of trading it where?
so here we are to make it straightforward and comfortable for you to trade your used electronics at a reasonable rate so that someone needy can purchase that and your miscellany is also grounded.

As we all know Gadgets business is growing amidst the launch of several gadgets regularly. Indian businesses produce low-cost devices with likable specifications. Technology is further expanding exceedingly quick. It executes the latest smartphone old in some months. However, ere purchasing a brand-new smartphone, one mind requires to market the former smartphone at a reduced price.

Many people cannot manage high-end smartphones. Therefore, they constantly attempt to purchase second-hand smartphones at a conventional rate in a reliable form. Numerous online websites allow people to exchange their former smartphones comfortably.

The 5 websites that allow users to exchange their used devices online are:-

1. Cashify: easy and fast service

Cashify is one of the most beneficial websites to exchange used phones. The website itself purchases the used phone and in return provides one with the most reliable feasible rate. They additionally accommodate pick up from home and payment will be given at the moment of pickup. If someone needs the amount in a bank account, they likewise hold an alternative for that. It is not simply just a phone one can trade but also a Laptop, Tablet, TV, Mac, and Gaming consoles as considerably.

2. InstaCash: Buy One, Recycle One

The InstaCash is the platform to trade used and useless devices online. It supplies the most suitable price of used smartphones, laptops or unspecified additional devices without any peril of data violation. Its just one must do is simply upload the necessary knowledge on the website and review the cost of the device and they will assign a person to address for picking up the device.

3. Recycle Device

Recycle Device is added as an accurate assistance website to market old devices online. one plainly require to open the original name, choose its status and by responding a few questions and receive an instantaneous quote. They will manage to pick up from the home and pick up businessperson will pay at the moment of pick up.

4. OLX: 'SET HAI' 

OLX is one of the various accessible websites that permit users to trade anything and everything. One can comfortably place the commodities, add classifications, add sub-categories attach a photo and then create the listing active. One will commence receiving proposals from the customers in a few minutes following posting. In the beforementioned website, one will be accountable for the discussion and performance of the phone. One will hold to meet the customer to address and accumulate the payment.

5. Quikr: “Aasan hai badalna” (Easy to change)

Quikr is an added a comparable variety of detailed website that permits users to trade anything more responsively. It operates like OLX. Compute results, combine a description, attach a photo and then advertise. One will commence receiving proposals from customers in a few moments. People additionally utilize it to market their properties and vehicles.


The beforementioned website is concerning purchasing and marketing used devices. If one requires to market their used device including a laptop, phone, tablet or anything else, then he/she will require to hit this website and trade instantly.

7. Facebook Marketplace

As we all know that Facebook Marketplace was introduced in October 2016. Following then it is a prominence of the purchasing and merchandising that results in Facebook Groups. According to this explorer social network company, there are more extra than 450 million personalities utilising groups on Facebook for purchasing or marketing regularly.

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