Friday, 15 November 2019

PUBG Mobile v0.15.5 New Update With Royal Pass Season 10, Deathmatch Map Ruins, Vikendi Map And New Weapon

Pubg Mobile new update


With the new update of pubg comes 4v4 Team Deathmatch map, a new weapon, Companions, and vehicle for Vikendi, and much more exciting features.

For a fairly long time, pubg was the number one game for all the users but now pubg too is facing stiff competition from Fortnite and the latterly released game known as Call of Duty Mobile. Therefore with all this competition that pubg is facing it had to maintain its users, we are here with the new updates of pubg.
The theme of the PUBG Cellular Season 10’s was “Fury of the Wasteland,” which effects resembling skins and surfaces to its RP possibilities. The brand latest Royale Go Season 10 will hit on November 9, following it was originally expected to commence on November Eight.

As a component of the update, the game is valued to sustain a brand-new team deathmatch map which is called Ruins, a latest SMG and vehicle exclusively selected to Vikendi, the companion method that was earlier seen in a beta statement, and a brand-new appearance for the EVO modes. 

Some more updates are:-

  • Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland

    • Various unique rewards
    • Relaunching of the requests and now the Royale Pass can be gifted.
    • Now the use of the Royale Pass Upgrade Card can direct in the Pass Upgrade page.
    • Advanced UI for Royale Pass

  • New Team Deathmatch map: Ruins

PUBG Mobile Ruins map

    • A unique TDM-exclusive map Ruins: Puzzling antiquated ruins shrouded in a rainforest. With thick vegetation and winding pathways, depending on the choice of the player its to go head-to-head with competitors or operate collectively to hatch up a stronghold.
    • Players will be ready to respawn at casual coordinates.

  • a New weapon called MP5K:

    • The MP5K is a manageable SMG that particularly arises in Vikendi, substituting the Vector.
    • The MP5K has a large rate of heat at 900 RPM and has exceptional anti-recoil abilities.
    • The MP5K has terminal damage of 33 and can be implemented with all accessories like Tactical Stock, Foregrips, Mags, Scopes, and Laser Sights.

PUBG Mobile MP5K Zima

  • A New vehicle Zima is introduced:

    • Zima substitutes the UAZ in Vikendi which is a Vikendi exclusive.
    • Although it is further challenging to manage the Zima in the wintry ground, it is more comfortable to operate than other 4-wheeled vehicles, presenting it to be possible.
    • The Zima is more gradual than other means but more immune to corrosion and therefore it can be utilised for alternative approaches.

  • Season System: Added Tier Protection Card rewards to the Platinum and Crown tiers. Following touching the Ace tier, members can receive one star for every 100 points they get. The symbol variates with the number of stars.
    • Copper: 1-5 stars
    • Silver: 5-10 stars
    • Gold: 11 stars or more

  • A New Player 8-Day Rewards: Updated 8-Day rewards for brand-new members to unite Finishes, Trails, Classic Crate Vouchers, and additional rewards.

  • Companion System: The Falcon

    • Players will shortly be capable to assemble elements for the Falcon companion in the salvation event for free. Players can additionally get more Companion Shards in the Shop or from the Royale Pass to get the Falcon, Falcon Avatar, Companion Food, and other items.
    • Will go live on November 11th

PUBG Mobile Companions

  • A New Character which is Coming Soon: Vehicle Engineer – Sara.
    • Sara’s ability, Vehicle Enhancement, decreases the destruction carried by vehicles when she is running or managing in a vehicle in the EVO Modes.

PUBG Mobile new character

  • Modified Arcade-style availability

    • Mini-Zone will be brought down tentatively
    • Prompt Match will be accessible at all times
    • Sniper Training will promptly be possible on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
    • War mode will now be accessible on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

The update will additionally produce some much-needed changes to the team recruitment course and classes, with additional things. 
Also, Players who will update between November 8th and 14th will get 20 Silver, 2,000 BP, and 1 Blue Glider Trail. 
PUBG Mobile v0.15.5 expects roughly 0.21GB of storage space on Android and 0.24GB on iOS.

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