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Realme Phones Confirm Update Roadmap To Get Android 10-based Color OS 7 in India soon

Color Os 7

In India, Realme phones confirm update roadmap to get Android 10-based ColorOS 7, rollout commences in 2020!!

Realme was particularly launched to the Indian market in May 2018 through Amazon India. From then the company's sales have been higher. Realme provides phones at a more economical cost with identical features as the phones at a costlier price.

In September and early, Google delivered the Android 10 update for Pixel smartphones. Shortly after that other companies reflected the set from the first OnePlus to Nokia and then Xiaomi, are the notable companies that have issued the update for their phones. And now Presently, Realme Android 10 update roadmap has likewise been reported by the company. 

Full Details of Realme Android 10 update 

Presently In China, Realme has delivered its update layouts. The Android 10 update will be planted to a group of devices, beginning with Realme X and Realme Q- the Realme 5 Pro in India, in Q1 2020. 

"Delighted to share that we have created Realme's own customized UI based on ColorOS 7 and Android 10 for better RAM management, closer to stock Android experience and smoother gaming experience," says the official Twitter post.

Realme phones getting Android 10 update:
                                                               January 2020        
                                                                Realme 3 Pro
                                                                 Realme XT

                                                               February 2020
                                                                  Realme X                                                                                                                                  Realme 5 Pro

                                                                 March 2020
                                                                Realme X2 Pro

                                                                  April 2020
                                                                   Realme 3
                                                                  Realme 3i

                                                                 May 2020
                                                                   Realme 5
                                                                  Realme 5s

                                                                 June 2020
                                                               Realme 2 Pro

                                                                   Q3 2020
                                                                 Realme C2

 Realme Twitter

What will be new?

Realme phone that’s preparing for Android 10 then it is possible to foresee improved privacy permissions, a system-wide dark mode, Smart Reply for messaging apps, and some security updates through the Play Store. But the company is not just making Android 10 to its phones, alternatively, it's additionally operating to make the latest ColorOS 7 along with a unique user interface that will be restricted to the Realme phones. The innovative interface is assumed to be more like to merchandise Android and the update is expected to enhance administration on all the devices.
There's no impression of the latest Realme UI but to require it to view related to the more innovative ColorOS 7 albeit with minor visible confusion and more stock Android-like icons. The latest update is further required to highlight more useful tools for enhancing the gaming adventure, comparable to what OnePlus made for its Oxygen OS including Oxygen OS 10.
However, the update won't commence developing out until January 2020. Nevertheless, there are some of the earlier models that might make it by the time Android 11 gains an appearance later in 2020. 

Highlights of Android 10 

One of the significant differences proceeding to Android this year is a system-wide dark theme, the first features of Android 10. Among the dark theme, Google will contribute straight black look over the system and not a dark grey theme. The forthcoming Android 10 OS will likewise provide a high-level fast reply characteristic. It will additionally enhance the appearance navigation initially launched with Android Pie previous year.
Google has too proposed peak as a unique display to begin the left swipe menu but the interface has not gained the hearts of all users. There will additionally be a Live Caption feature, which will support automatically caption videos, podcasts and audio messages over any app.
Google is enhancing security and privacy with Android 10 where users can give apps collect location data simply when you are working on them. One will further observe an added heightened version of the Digital Wellbeing feature.

Unluckily, it appears like the Realme 1, Realme 2, Realme U1, and Realme C devices won’t notice Android 10 at all. It’s extremely disappointing, as most of these phones were propelled merely a year ago or in April, in the matter of the Realme C2.
It’s cloudly whether Realme will catch the Xiaomi plans and modernise the Android skin on these phones alternatively. Xiaomi manages to do this with its earlier budget devices, leaving them on the very Android version but updating the MIUI.
Its further potential is that the brand might simply jump Android 10 on these phones in favour of the following version of Android.

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