Friday, 20 December 2019 and adds call waiting integration for Reminders & Tasks in WhatsApp

Any do + Whatsapp

New upgrade: WhatsApp prepares adds call waiting and integration for tasks and reminders support!!

Facebook’s flourishing prompt messaging app known as WhatsApp is the most used applications all over the world. The developers continue computing more enhanced innovative features with every progressive update. Previously viewed a sight of some forthcoming highlights like the dark mode, disappearing messages and Boomerang-like looped videos. 
Presently, according to the news, WhatsApp is operating two unique innovations that will considerably advance its functionality. 

The 2 new innovations are called the call waiting and integration.
Any do call waiting
Any do message reminders integration is beneficial as a result, WhatsApp users will promptly be ready to create tasks and set reminders from within the messenger. The most beneficial part regarding utilising by WhatsApp is that the reminders will automatically be synchronized with the to-dos. Furthermore, the chatbot will too recall you of the responsibilities marked as reminders that you didn’t establish on WhatsApp. However, it appears the integration introduces a week trial time, therefore considering that can be paid. This feature will just be open for Premium accounts. If y'all proceed to be a Premium subscriber, can allow in WhatsApp by comprehending the steps below.
  1. Go to Settings -> Integrations -> WhatsApp.
  2. Add your phone number and tap send.
  3. Enter the 6 digits code you received via text and tap confirm.
  4. Turn the reminders on and start messaging to create tasks!

But don't believe bolted up into Whatsapp because it's the just messenger y'all comprehend. It's meriting recognising that Telegram messenger likewise holds a strong ecosystem of bot integration which is customarily free of cost and there are at least three various benefits simply for reminder scheduling. 

Call waiting support

By the most advanced update to the app version 2.19.352, if interested on administering number, now WhatsApp will now give the call go through even if you're is already on a call. And you'll be given with a drop-down banner amidst the choice of declining the incoming call or leaving the current speaker by ending the call and receiving the new one.
Earlier, when one received a call while one was already on one, WhatsApp would automatically reject it, and inform the person on the opposite side with a message "[Your contact's name] is on another call." The receiver, in this instance, would just receive an addition to their list of dropped calls.
Whatsapp Call waiting feature

The single element that is missing is a call holding choice so that one could hold the current caller on the line while hitting up a swift chat with the interjecting one.

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